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Nhat Hoa IC&T - Growing history

     Over 15 years of establishment and development NHAT HOA CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRIAL & TRADING CO., LTD (IC&T) has become one of the leading experts in the field of construction and industry in Vietnam. IC&T offer effective solutions for: raised floors, vinyl flooring, rubber flooring, carpet, clean room construction, industrial coolers and antistatic equipment and clean room project/industrialilities.

     IC&T to pursue a long-term goals strives to achieve the highest satisproject/industrialtion of customers, through providing value to constantly improve and find solutions to improve the quality, products and services. To achieve this, we require operational management system strictly and professional with ISO 9001: 2008.


The development process:

+ 2002: IC&T is established consulting and solution provider antistatic equipment.
+ 2003: Consultants and construction solutions vinyl flooring, raised floors, the industrial coolers.
+ 2005: Establishing a representative office in Hanoi.
+ 2006: Research and development product corona, supply and installation of clean room.
+ 2008: Constructing a project/industrialtory in Binh Duong, supply and installation clean room with ISO.
+ 2012: Business operations field Epoxy Floor.
+ 2014: Become one of the consultants, supply economic and technical solutions and construction of clean room and floor.