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Nhat Hoa is winning the contractor of Sanofi project

       Sanofi (France) - a leading pharmaceutical company has always maintained the No. 1 position in the market of Vietnam has officially announced "Project of new pharmaceutical project/industrial story in a high-tech zone in Ho Chi Minh, the total investment of $ 75 million, this plant is built according to energy-saving models.

       And with the ability and experience of over 10 years of development, the Company Ltd. Construction Industry Corona (IC & T) has become an official supplier and installation of curtain wall, ceiling, doors, floors clean room for Sanofi plant with a total area of 25,000m2 corresponding total value of 55 billion.

Nhat Hoa is winning the contractor of Sanofi project

     This is the third plant of Sanofi in Vietnam, production standards of Sanofi standards globally. Plant Center development of new products on a large scale in Southeast Asia, the production of personal care products of high quality, functional foods and other types of the brand-name drug. Initial plant capacity is 90 million boxes/year and could increase to 150 million boxes/year. Known previous two projects/industrial stories manuproject/industrialturing standards WHO - GMP meet 80% of domestic demand.

      The capital wealth of experience and professional team, IC & T is committed to making good his role to meet the expectations of investors and the prestige of IC & T in the field of construction and industry in Vietnam.