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Nhật Hoa trúng thầu dự án Bệnh viện quốc tế Thành Đô – Hoa Lâm Shangri La

      After 1 months negotiating with investors Medical Project Technical High City. City, Shangri La Group, dated 10/05/2012 Construction Company Limited Industrial TM Corona - is the market leader in Vietnam to provide products raised flooring, vinyl flooring, carpet member, flooring can Sports, rubber flooring, tile plastic, antistatic equipment, coolers industrial, construction and supply of clean room equipment - officially hit 100% Contractor surproject/industriale Hospital red- States International Members Shangri La is located in Forest Park Project high-City Medical Engineering. HCM. Project details:

- Project Title: International Hospital Chengdu
- The surproject/industriale area of ​​construction: 19 636 m2
- The total value of the contract: ~ $ 700,000 (equivalent to 14 billion)
- Scope of work: supply and installation of vinyl flooring

      Medical Area Project Engineering located at 532A High HCMC Kinh Duong Vuong, Binh Tri Dong Ward, Binh Tan Hoa Lam Company Limited Shangri-La - a joint venture between the US Forest Service Company Vietnam and Company Shangri-La Healthcare Investment Pte. Ltd., Singapore investment is considered to be the largest health VN today.

     The project is built on an area of ​​37.54 hectares, started in 2008 and expected to be completed in 10 years, including four categories: health areas (project/health-cares, dialysis centers), training areas education (institute of medical education, international schools), the support (commercial, luxury apartments, office project/commercials) and the public (hotels, conference centers, parks) .

      The total capital of US $ 400 million project, when completed, will be a "medical city" with about 1 million m2 of use.