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Work environment

- Nhat Hoa industrial construction & Trading Co.,LTD has become one of the leading experts in the field of construction and industry in Vietnam, we bring about effective measures: raised floors, vinyl floor, rubber floor , plastic carpet brick, clean rooms, industrial coolers, antistatic equipment and cleaning equipment.

- Our company always define "human resources are valuable assets of company," so IC&T always create favorable conditions for you to demonstrate competence and talent all his own. All these initiatives and devote your energy is focused, recorded and paid deserve at IC&T. In addition, IC&T also organizes various training courses for emplyoees can improve the vinyl-floor of skilled, qualified individuals for personal career development from the configuration continuous and sustainable


- Join IC&T company, you will give yourself:

o   More vinyl-floor

o   Skills to work effectively

o   Processing skills work faster

o   Ability independently to work in group

o   Professional working

o   Balance between life and work

o   Enjoy working challenging and exciting

o   Enjoy work from the work environment and friendly colleagues

o   Working with the peace of mind salaries, bonuses and benefits satisproject/industrialtory