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4 Steps Vinyl floor construction

      Vinyl flooring is very popular to use in the office, commercial centers, hotels, restaurants, project/health-cares, laboratories, housing ... The type of floor construction is simple and fast, just equipment such as welding machines, tools sparkling, roller surproject/industriales, rubber hammer.

4 bước thi công sàn Vinyl

1. Prepare the ground
- Ground floor vinyl stickers used to be flat, the flat seams and seat must not be self-leveling mortar flat with 2-3mm thick.
- If construction on the old floor surproject/industriale: If the ceramic tiles, the tiles should be firmly attached, at the same time, the seam between the stones must be flattened. If the san-nhua-vinyl/toli/wooden floor, the floor must be hard, no cracks. If the concrete floor must be under 25% humidity, temperature of 18-30 ° C and held for 48 hours before installing the plastic floor.
- In particular, vinyl flooring must be constructed following the same as all the other parts of the project/commercial were completed in order to avoid dust, chemicals, furniture on the floor Statistics damaging the floor. If conditioning installation must complete one week prior to the floor.

2. Paste the floor
- First, you select the first set point to paste the floor, then proceed vinyl stickers.
- Stir truly are the glue (used to glue the floor electrostatic powder and stir to thoroughly) and then scan the area from 2-4m2 floor, glue the 2 sides of the coated copper wire throughout the length of the plate.
- Keep it clean and flat pieces of plastic flooring and start pasting. Insert the plastic floor after the glue is 1 hour.
- After about 40 minutes paste, use rollers to roll them around 50kg over the entire floor. With the large area roller to roll, you can not use fingerprints.
- Then, you use a clean rag mop the entire floor vinyl.

3. South ron
- Use wire from 3mm - 4mm with welded angle is 40 °.
- After welding, use a sharp knife pressed to the welding residual part.

4. Complete
- The contour corner pieces are used to cover former squeeze and angle pieces capping strip used for mounting onto a wall piece of plastic to prevent dust.
- At the doors if the seam on the outside and the inside is not used pieces of plastic are attached to the first step to end plastic in the seam.
- To flooring is durable, you can wax a protective coating before being put into use: Clean the dust on the surproject/industriale of plastic, using fiber mop or sponge, gently push the wax on the entire floor. Wait 20-40 minutes, then dry within repeat this operation for the second time.

5. Note
- After finishing vinyl stickers, you clean the adhesive on the floor, but absolutely not wash the floor after 3 days of installation as required excess moisture can affect the adhesion of the glue.