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The method of using hight quality carpet

Weather transfer season is when many families carried out using carpets. Not only help retain heat, noise reduction, reducing the danger of children activities, rugs also help create style, accent to the interior space.

Cách sử dụng thảm cao cấp

Most carpets on the market are imported from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Singapore ... Carpet is structured according to the rolls or sheets. Rolls of carpet or hard 3,66m 4m suitable for lining the entire floor area. Removable plate with 1.6 m x 2.3 m size 2m x 3m or appropriate to decorate the living room or bedroom.

Material is usually wool carpet, wool, synthetic fiber, nylon, olefin Expensive ... especially the carpets of wool, about $ 10 million VND / plate upwards, 1.6 m x 2.3 m size 2m or 3m x, or 2 million VND / m2. Wool rugs are preferred because the diversity of colors, designs and durability. Wool carpet sheets ranging from 4-20 million, rolls from 0.5 to 1.2 million VND / m2. Carpets with hyacinth and papyrus were selected for the home space with san-nhua-vinyl/toli/wooden furniture. Prices are quite soft carpets, about 20 thousand VND / m2 ...

Carpet suitable for the closed space, less dust. Do not use mats in damp spaces such as kitchens, attics or in the dining room for easy moldy carpet and hard hygiene. Although many types of carpet that features moisture-resistant, fire resistant, but also to avoid the water, avoid fire in carpeted areas.

Should select nylon carpet material for which there is a lot of movement and friction. When purchasing carpet bamboo material, should choose drying and processing has termites.

Quick carpet is damaged, degraded due to friction or moisture. Therefore, to minimize the moving objects on the carpet, especially objects with edges, and avoid pouring water on the carpet. If you accidentally spill water or other liquids colored carpet, must immediately overcome by drying, dry cleaning with detergent dedicated.

Thảm là vật rất bám bụi nên cần thường xuyên hút bụi, ít nhất là mỗi tuần. Sau 3 - 6 tháng, nên giặt thảm một lần, không giặt bằng bột giặt thông thường. Đối với thảm lông cừu, chỉ nên giặt tay bằng dầu gội đầu hoặc sữa tắm.